Kitty Pilgrim

Kitty Pilgrim
International Journalist and Author

Kitty Pilgrim photo colourKitty Pilgrim, has reinvented herself from an award-winning CNN journalist to an acclaimed author of fact-based fiction. Kitty brings a journalistic eye for truth and historical accuracy to all of her books. In her John Sinclair series, Kitty leads you on a five star tour of fine eateries, luxurious hotels, private jets, mysterious sites and political intrigue, all from the comfort of your own couch!

Her newest novel, “The Stolen Chalice,” takes you on a high society adventure as the famed archaeologist, John Sinclair and his oceanographer girlfriend, Cordelia Stapleton, track down a stolen mummy, a stolen chalice with supposed mystical powers and find themselves in the midst of political terrorists. The title is based on the Sardonyx Cup (Chalice of the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis) and dates back to the 1st century BC and is currently housed in the National Gallery. Kitty was able to hold the Sardonyx Cup, a very rare opportunity for anyone outside of the curator at the museum, and this spawned the start of the plot line for the book.

Kitty travels to global heritage sites, archaeological hot spots and places where myths came alive. She uses the facts, the history and the sensory details to craft a story that takes you there. For “The Stolen Chalice,” Kitty went to castles in Scotland, cities of the dead in Egypt and glamorous cities that people love and dream of – London, Venice, Paris, Cairo, New York City and more! Her books take the reader on a journey of far away places.
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