Gregory W. Harper

Greg Harper
President of Harpervision, Co-founder of Gadgetoff

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Gregory W. Harper is President of Harpervision Associates, a firm dedicated to the development and implementation of cutting edge technology for businesses purposes.

He is also co-founder of Gadgetoff, an invitation-only event in New York City that gathers leading science and technology innovators. Greg is currently focusing on wireless personal information devices, mobile phones, the next generation of ultra high definition (4K) telepresence and collaborative systems, 3D TV, distance learning, digital distribution of media, and rich media. Greg is CTO of Neuehouse a new take on shared office space with the first of 25 worldwide locations opening in NYC in April. He is a long time advisor to leading Wall Street investment banks, helping them deploy worldwide rich media and collaborative systems as well as providing research information on cutting edge technologies. Greg is Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of Trans World Entertainment, where he has been a key player in the development of the company’s digital media strategies. Greg is also working with Advertising Week bringing his digital dozen technology trends to the marketing and advertising community worldwide . As designer of systems ranging from telepresence and distance learning to digital media production systems, Mr. Harper has been awarded eighteen U.S. patents and has 6 pending. He serves on the board of the Institute of Audio Research, IAR, and on the board of Troxell Communications. Greg is a frequent speaker at major conferences worldwide on next generation media and technology trends. His many TV appearances and conference presentations can be seen at